babaco is a knitwear brand that uses high quality materials. Knits and socks made using Japan's excellent factories and craftsmanship create rich comfort and materials, while classical and feminine touch add joy to fashion.


BLANC is a Japanese eyewear brand launched in 2012. Striving for the beauty of our products, we esteem not only the compatibility with face but also the sense of fashion. Our products are style statements that create a balanced look for your styling.


Born and raise in Mexico Perla has lived in Paris, Japan and Brussels. Perhaps nothing defines her better than being an eternal explorer of lands of minerals and diverse textures, an alchemist who mixes ranges and plays with glazes: it is the constant search that makes her work delicate, yes, but forceful, very clear in her collections.


The Japanese word utsuwa literally means “vessel” or “container”, and commonly refers to any kind of cup, plate, dish, or pot. Utsuwa Shoken is a famous ceramic gallery based in Kamakura (Japan) conveying the beauty of Japanese ceramic.