BRAND: babaco
DESIGNER: Yoko Shiraishi

babaco is a socks and knitwear brand that combines high quality materials with art, texture and color. Designer Yoko Shiraishi has overseen socks and textile designs at ANTIPAST for nearly a decade and became independent in 2013 with her brand babaco.

Knits and socks are made using Japan's excellent factories and craftsmanship to create rich comfort and unique textures, while a classical and feminine touch add joy to fashion.

Territory: Worldwide (excluding Japan)

BRAND: Christian Wijnants

COUNTRY: Belgium

DESIGNER: Christian Wijnants

Born in Brussels, Christian Wijnants moved to Antwerp to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art. His graduate collection won the Dries Van Noten Award for best collection and launched his eponymous label in 2003. 

Rich, layered graphics and fresh colors translated into eloquent knitwear offer a play of authenticity and luxury that has won him the 2013 International Woolmark Prize. Colorful prints, fluid dresses and tops are artfully draped with feminine and poetic approach as key pieces of Christian's collection sold at best department stores and boutiques around the world.

Territory: Italy, Middle East

BRAND: Konrad
COUNTRY: Germany
DESIGNER: Konrad Huber

KONRAD, founded by Konrad Huber, is a Munich-based brand that combines unique – sometimes bold and colorful – prints with timeless designs based on sustainable materials and manufactured in high quality.

KONRAD is driven by passion, fantasy, ethics and friendship with significant people who constantly contribute and inspire his daily and creative life. An ongoing journey written in chapters rather than collections, adding new impressions and ideas to his personal universe.

Territory: Worldwide (excluding Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

BRAND: Nitto


DESIGNER: Giorgia Colleoni

Nitto is the women's wear project created by Giorgia Colleoni in 2020. Giorgia is first a musician and teacher graduated in violin, who developed a passion for creativity by specializing in Knitwear Techniques at the Politecnico of Milano, and Experimental Knitwear at Central Saint Martin in London.

Natural materials, together with a dedication to sustainability, shape the romantic and timeless core of Nitto. High-quality fabrics give life to more durable garments, which acquire a greater value over time. Most of the materials are sourced locally as the search for small suppliers plays a central role in Nitto's project.

Territory: Worldwide

BRAND: Peppino Peppino


DESIGNER: Simona Testucci

Peppino Peppino is all about comfy and oversize fits. The brand was born in 2019 from the heart and soul of Simona Testucci, a veteran of the fashion industry. Every collection is freely inspired by the original work and military clothes, with the same details and the same volumes. 

Each collection aims to deliver a unique, artisan product by redefining the fashion experience, opposite from the “mass market” approach. A small operation with a responsible mindset where all collections are curated with a conscience, fostering longevity and delivering timeless, everlasting products.

Territory: UK, France, Benelux, Korea, Australia, Japan

BRAND: Perla Valtierra


DESIGNER: Perla Valtierra

Born and raise in Mexico Perla has lived in Paris, Japan and Brussels. Perhaps nothing defines her better than being an eternal explorer of lands of minerals and diverse textures. An alchemist who mixes ranges and plays with glazes: it is the constant search that makes her work delicate, yes, but forceful, very clear in her collections.

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The Japanese word utsuwa literally means “vessel” or “container”, and commonly refers to any kind of cup, plate, dish, or pot. Utsuwa Shoken is a famous ceramic gallery based in Kamakura (Japan) conveying the beauty of Japanese ceramic.

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